Association Bicycle Power

Association Bi.cycle Power was founded to combine earth friendly sources of power (solar, wind, water, and bicycles) with the concept that reuse is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling.


The name Bi.cycle Power was chosen for the association because it folds into one word the two main facets of the project's objectives.


The interplay between the sun, earth, air and water produces immense power. The energy from the sun drives the great hydrological cycle that provides the power of water. The sun is also the engine of the wind, an increasingly important and efficient source of energy. And of course the sun sustains our biosphere and now provides us with electrical power as well.


One objective of the association is to encourage the use of the power generated by the natural cycles of the planet in the most earth friendly ways.


The other major objective of Bi.cycle Power is to encourage the use of bicycles and discourage energy/resource waste by recycling discarded bicycles. The bicycle is an incredibly energy efficient form of transportation. Moreover, its use not only is environmentally friendly, it is friendly to our bodies as well.


Association Bicycle Power is relocating to the historic mill of Arbois Moulin de Courcelles. This historic mill, which has provided water power for over a half of a millennium, gives Bi.cycle Power the opportunity to transform a historic monument into an eco friendly energy generator. Once again, recycling through reuse and preservation, respecting the planet and respecting the heritage.