Arbois, region of beauty and wine

Arbois is the capital of wines from the Jura and the first winegrowing region to obtain AOC status in France. It has been officially recognised as a town full of character in Franche-Comté, and is known as a culinary and heritage site. The rich cultural heritage of Arbois includes the house and museum of Louis Pasteur,  the Saint-Just church from the middle ages, winegrowers' houses, the Gloriette Tower, the Capucins Bridge, Château Pécauld,  the Vine and Wine Museum, the Sarret de Grozon Art Museum and more.

The area has many well-known figures whose talents are recognised with the national title "Best Artisan in France" (best chocolatier, photographer, cabinetmaker) or with Michelin Stars, not forgetting all the other professionals who honour local cuisine (restaurateurs, butchers, bakers and pastry chefs, support institutions, and more).

Arbois Moulin de Courcelles holds historic and industrial significance for Arbois and the region, and has been used to harness the power of La Cuisance for over 600 years.  It has been a key site for producing oil, flour, hydraulic equipment (including the turbines for the regional mills), a sawmill, a papermill, viticulture equipment, dairy equipment, fireplaces, furnaces and presses.

There is information to indicate that this site was the first to produce electrical lighting in the region. The turbines for Les Planches, the Cartonnerie, La Ferté and others were manufactured here. It had four water wheels, and two Francis turbines, one installed in 1889 the second in 1920.

Association Bicycle Power Holiday Apartment

The historic Arbois Moulin de Courcelles has a small self contained apartment, with a king sized bed (180 x 200) plus a convertible single bed, a  bathroom and a large kitchen/dining room.  The apartment has been lovingly restored to keep the historic cachet, while providing modern comforts.  The kitchen cabinets, handles and sink are original from between 1850 and 1895, making this virtually a museum from the mid 1800s with the added comfort of modern appliances.


Increasingly, people are becoming Eco conscious and prefer to stay in Eco friendly places for a socially responsible holiday.

Please contact us if you would like to reserve the apartment.  The price starts at 80€ per night for two, with a regressive tariff for longer lengths of stay.  A cleaning charge will be added.