The Historic Moulin de Courcelles

Association Bicycle Power is located at the historic mill of Arbois Moulin de Courcelles. The building is located in the historic centre of town of Arbois across the river Cuisance from the home, laboratory and museum of Louis Pasteur.

The suburb of Courcelles outside the city walls of Arbois was first mentioned in 966 in the act of the Monastery of the Vaux. This was the property of the count of Bourgogne and was well documented throughout the middle ages. By the 12th century there were five mills, two of which were documented as the Moulin de Courcelles (spelled Corcelles), belonging to the Count de Bourgogne.

During the course of its history the Arbois Moulin de Courcelles has been called the Moulin de Couturette, Moulin de Corcelles, and Moulin de Roy.

Historical Ownership

1177 Frédéric Barberouse

1234 Girard d’Arbois

1305 Mahaut d’Arbois

1327 Gillois

1495 Kaiser Maximilian of Austria. His forge on the site made armour

1504-1530 Gabrielle et Francesco da Merate (from Milan) their forge made armour among other things

1557 The Count Philippe Marchant

1565 Pierre Borrelet (leased the property, not the owner)

1604 Estienne Marchant

After Franche Comté was annexed by France in 1678, the Arbois Moulin de Courcelles became the property of the King of France and was called the Moulin du Roy.

1766 consisted of a charcoal market, nut oil mills, sawmill with lathes, and a forge with tilt hammers.

Early1800s (pre 1810) Samuel Bechet. The mill was divided into four properties on the cadastra (plan) and had 3 different owners.

1831 Mme. Marchand

1841 Mr. Vermot (the mill as it stands today as 2 av Pasteur)

Sold again as one mill to Mr. Marchand mid 1800s

1875 sold to François Laurioz as one mill. They had a saw mill, and built presses for cheese and wine, heaters. They also built the turbines and designed the sites for most of the local hydro installations. The first electrical lighting for Arbois was produced by this mill. The mill was occupied during the second world war and never fully recuperated financially afterwards. The Laurioz business went bankrupt in 1973.

1973 a fruit and wine company continued the press business until 1979. The Laurioz family continued to occupy the house at 2 av Pasteur. The property fell into ruin.

1979 the Moulin de Courcelles was sold as 2 properties, the main factory (2a Av Pasteur, sold to Sansovini) and 2 av Pasteur sold to the Porteret family, with the canals and turbines.

2016 The Barrett family purchased 2 av Pasteur and changed the name back to Arbois Moulin de Courcelles, renovated the dilapidated property and restored it to generating power from water on 7 February 2018.