Bicycle Project

Bicycle recycling -- recycling precious natural resources--a key to sustainability.

The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. In fact cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel--including walking! Unlike automobiles, which require fossil fuel, cyclists are fueled by food, a renewable energy resource. It not only is an efficient and sustainable method of transport, but it has significant health benefits as well.

 Bi.cyclepower's inspiration to participate in the movement to salvage and restore discarded bicycles came from both hands on experience as a volunteer in a community recycling project and from connecting with other people doing similar projects in France and several other countries.

It is astounding how many bicycles are either left unused or are discarded every year. And it is equally heartening how generous people are if given the opportunity to donate their no longer wanted bicycles. Organisations such as Bi.cyclepower publicise bicycle collects to be held in conjunction with other community events. Typically dozens of bicycles are collected. They are then sent to the workshop where they are reconditioned for use or dismantled for parts. Often it takes several bicycles to put together one usable one.

Being located in France and being passionate about bicycles, Bi.cyclepower are also motivated by the desire to preserve old French bicycles as part of the patrimony of France. From the early 1900's until the early 1960's France's bicycle industry flourished in a manner unlike any other country. Not only were there the big manufacturers like Peugeot but there were literally hundreds of small manufacturers competing to make the best crafted bicycles they could. These are very often the bicycles donated at collects and they are very special.


They typically are:

  • Supremely practical with fenders, baggage racks and lights.

  • Were built to last by proud crafstmen.

  • Have unique old parts that require specialized know how to recondition.

  • Are often left unused in garages and attics


In other words they are a great pleasure to restore to life for someone who needs and appreciates one of them. And Bi.cylepower have the know how, skills and desire to do so.